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Privacy Policy & User Agreement

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Privacy Policy

Gaygull.com respects the privacy of visitors to it’s website. This Privacy Policy explains what personal information we collect from these users and how we use, disclose and protect it. In general, most personal information we obtain is provided voluntarily by the data subject. We limit disclosures of personal information, and when we do not disclose it to third parties.

Please read this policy thoroughly to ensure that you understand the circumstances under which gaygull collects and uses information.


Information Collected From Users of gaygull.com.  Users to the public areas of gaygull.com generally browse anonymously.  We do not normally attempt to identify website visitors. Gaygull uses a third-party service to collect and report aggregate data, such as number of page views, unique visitors, frequency of visits, and other visitor traffic metrics.


Gaygull uses data collected about users of the gaygull.com website only for internal and marketing purposes. We do not retain any personally identifying information or share data with third parties who may want to send gaygull followers information about their products or services.

Disclosure to gaygull Contractors. Gaygull employs contractors to assist with administrative and other functions and may provide contractors with access to data. Contractors include lawyers, auditors, and other service providers. An individual cannot opt-out of disclosures to gaygull contractors. Gaygull requires its contractors who have access to our follower’s personal information to maintain, use, and disclose any information provided by gaygull in a manner consistent with this policy.

Use of Credit Card Account Information. When gaygull.com visitors make a merchandise purchase through an independent gaygull distributor and choose to pay using their credit cards, gaygull does not store or disclose credit card account information provided in this manner.

Other Disclosures. Gaygull does not generally disclose personal information except in the event that we believe that our website has been hacked or we find evidence suggesting improper or criminal activity, we reserve the right to share information with law enforcement and others. We may also make disclosures to take precautions against liability or to provide information to law enforcement agencies or for an investigation on a matter related to public safety.

Gaygull stores all information it collects on servers accessible only by gaygull employees and contractors. We use reasonable and current security methods to prevent unauthorized access, unauthorized disclosure, loss, and destruction; maintain data accuracy; and ensure correct use of information. Although we try to protect any information transmitted to us, we cannot ensure or guarantee the security of it, and users do so at their own risk. When gaygull employs contractors that may have access to personal information, we require that they maintain, use, and disclose any information provided by gaygull in a manner consistent with this policy.

Gaygull is committed to making sure that its privacy policy is understood and respected by all of its employees and contractors. All gaygull employees and contractors who collect, access or disclose information about members and customers are informed of this policy to ensure that they understand the importance of privacy and how our policy affects an individual’s job responsibilities.

External Links. Gaygull.com provides links to other websites that gaygull does not control. Each of these sites maintains its own independent privacy and data collection practices and procedures. Users who visit a website that is linked to gaygull.com should consult that site’s privacy policy.

Use of gaygull.com signifies agreement to the terms of gaygull’s privacy policy. Any user who does not agree with these terms, should navigate away from the site and not disclose any information through gaygull.com. Gaygull may modify this privacy policy at any time at it’s discretion and modifications are effective upon being posted on this site or as otherwise stated. Users should review this privacy policy periodically to ensure that they are aware of any changes to it.

Anyone who believes that gaygull.com has not adhered to it’s privacy policy or is otherwise concerned about the treatment of their data should contact us at privacy@gaygull.com.

Last updated on March 2016


User Agreement

Gaygull.com is provided to users who agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Gaygull reserves the right to change the nature of this relationship at any time. Users who violate the terms of this Agreement may be permanently banned from using gaygull.com. USAGE OF THE SITE WILL CONSTITUTE ACCEPTANCE OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS AGREEMENT.  IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO ABIDE BY THESE TERMS, YOU MAY NOT ENTER OR USE THE SITE.

Users of gaygull.com should be aware that content on gaygull.com may be protected by U.S. Copyright laws, and must be treated like any other copyrighted material. It is not intended for public distribution or copying, absent the express permission of the author.  You agree that you will not copy, download, rent, lease, sell, distribute, transmit, or otherwise transfer all or any portions of the content related to gaygull.com or otherwise take any other action in violation of gaygull.com’s copyright OTHER THAN THOSE EXPRESSLY AUTHORIZED BY THE USER AND GAYGULL, including, but not limited to, copy, use or transmission of data for solicitation and /or commercial purposes.

The views and information expressed by users of gaygull.com are strictly those of the users, and are not necessarily endorsed by gaygull. Gaygull makes no warranty as to the accuracy or reliability of any views or information expressed on gaygull.com. By using gaygull.com, you agree that you alone are responsible for the content of your postings, and that gaygull will not be held legally responsible for the content posted by you or any other user. Any user posting any message on gaygull.com agrees to defend and indemnify gaygull against any and all legal claims brought as a result of that message, including without limitation claims based on privacy, publicity, defamation, intellectual property, fraud, and all other legal claims.