Tuesday , December 10 2019
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The Resistance Reacts to Trump's Leaked 'Religious Freedom' Draft

This post originally published by the Advocate.com. It’s only 13 days since DonaldTrump, the reality TV star and billionaire businessman, was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States. Trump assured LGBT people Monday that he would leave in place an antidiscrimination order that protects LGBT employees at companies …

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At Prayer Breakfast, Trump Backs Bigger Church Role in Politics

This post originally published by the Advocate.com. The National Prayer Breakfast came and went today without Donald Trump mentioning the draft of an anti-LGBT “religious freedom” executive order that is circulating, but he did vow to allow religious institutions to amplify their political voice. “I will get rid of and …

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Key legal test approaches for Arkansas LGBT measure

This post originally published by LGBTQ Nation. FILE – In this May 6, 2015, file photo, Eureka Springs, Ark., Mayor Robert “Butch” Berry talks about his town’s anti-discrimination ordinance. The Arkansas Supreme Court on Thursday, Feb. 2, 2017, will hear arguments on whether the city’s ordinance, and others like it, …

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11 Philly gay bars ordered to train staff to stop being racist

This post originally published by LGBTQ Nation. Woody’s is one of the bars discussed in the Commission’s report. Facebook Philadelphia’s Commission on Human Relations is requiring owners and staff at 11 LGBTQ bars and clubs to undergo training in the city’s anti-discrimination laws and implicit bias. The training will be …

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