Friday , September 20 2019
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Same-sex couples appeal North Carolina’s religious objections law

This post originally published by LGBTQ Nation. Protesters wave flags on March 24 outside the North Carolina Executive Mansion in Raleigh, N.C. North Carolina passed a law that bans cities and counties from passing anti-discrimination ordinances. Jeff Roberson, Associated Press Three couples have asked an appeals court to revive their …

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Montana Trump Elector Believes Gays Should Be Hanged

This post originally published by Towleroad. A 92-year-old  Trump elector in Montana has come under fire for his remarks that gay people should be hanged. Dennis Scranton, who is set to cast one of the state’s three electoral votes, stands by remarks he made in 2010 in response to an ACLU lawsuit in Montana brought …

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Gay black teacher sues Fla. school, claiming retaliation for being whistleblower

This post originally published by LGBTQ Nation. Scott Melton Scott Melton, a beloved English, History and German teacher at Saint Andrew’s private school in Boca Raton, Fla., filed suit Tuesday claiming the administration violated state law by retaliating against him for being a whistleblower. Melton’s lawyer separately alleged discrimination based on …

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McDonald’s franchise pays $103,000 to employee fired for being HIV-positive

This post originally published by LGBTQ Nation. NNECAPA on Flickr (CC 2.0) Owners of an Arkansas McDonald’s franchise paid $103,000 to settle a complaint brought by an employee fired for being HIV-positive. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) report that after initially attempting to reach a voluntary pre-litigation settlement through its conciliation …

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