Thursday , November 21 2019
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Nigeria: 53 Charged for ‘Same-Sex Marriage ‘Conspiracy’

This post originally published by Towleroad. Nigerian prosecutors have charged 53 people for allegedly witnessing a same-sex marriage, which is punishable by 10 years in prison in the socially conservative West African country. Police in the northern state of Kaduna arrested the accused on April 15, Nigeria’s Premium Times reported. …

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Putin Has Little Interest In Investigating Gay Murders in Chechnya

This post originally published by the Russian President Vladmir Putin continues to deny that gay men are facing persecution in Chechnya despite multiple media reports contradicting his claims. Russian media has reported that at least 100 men have been detained and put in concentration camps and three men have …

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Gay Men Who Fled Chechnya Speak to CNN About Abduction, Torture: WATCH

This post originally published by Towleroad. CNN’s Russian correspondent Matthew Chance turned in a report on the detentions, torture, and murder of hundreds of gay men in the southern Russian republic of Chechnya. Chance spoke with gay Chechen man, one identified as Ahmed,  who fled the country and spoke on …

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Planned Parenthood Stands Against Texas Assault on Trans Rights

This post originally published by the In Texas last week, in an effort to pass the state budget, extreme politicians dropped an amendment that would have prohibited transgender Texans from using the public restroom that corresponds with their gender identity while keeping an amendment that would block people from getting …

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