Thursday , November 21 2019
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Gay Asylum-Seeker Released by ICE

This post originally published by the A gay Russian asylum-seeker who has been living in the U.S. since 2014 and was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement after returning from a trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands last month was released Thursday after spending more than a month in …

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The Challenge of Staying Hopeful in the Age of Trump

This post originally published by the Wearing a red reflective vest emblazoned with the words “American Red Cross,” I served as a Red Cross volunteer at the Donald Trump’s inauguration as president. Consistent with the politically neutral stance of the American Red Cross, my personal politics were invisible. Looking …

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Gay Asylum-Seeker Is Stuck in Immigration Detention

This post originally published by the Denis Davydov, 30, a gay HIV-positive Russian asylum-seeker, has been detained for a month at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement center in Florida since returning to the United States after visiting the U.S. Virgin Islands, reports KPIX, a TV station in San Francisco. …

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