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Nelson Mandela (President of South Africa)

“To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.”

– Nelson Mandela (President of South Africa)
Nelson Mandela’s 1990 Speech to Joint Meeting of Congress

Following are excerpts from Nelson Mandela’s speech to a joint meeting of Congress in Washington:

It is a fact of the human condition that it shall – like a meteor, a mere brief passing moment in time and space – flit across the human stage and pass out of existence. . . . And so we have come to Washington in the District of Columbia, and into these hallowed chambers of the United States Congress, not as pretenders to greatness but as a particle of a people whom we know to be noble and heroic, enduring, multiplying, permanent, rejoicing in the expectation and knowledge that their humanity will be reaffirmed and enlarged by open and unfettered communion with the nations of the world.

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