Monday , October 14 2019
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The “Almost Family” Pilot Gives Us a Queer Couple to Root For

This post originally published by Autostraddle. personally have an extra layer of loving it already because I feel like Victoria Cartagena was always destined to give us a queer character to root for but Renee Montoya’s time on Gotham was cut devastatingly short, so this feels right in my bones. …

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Two Black Female Authors Discuss Writing, Life, And Loss

This post originally published by the Sarah M. Broom (right) and Nicole Dennis-Benn, two of the most celebrated LGBTQ writers working today, share their takes on everything from colorism to classism. This post originally from the and it's respective author Desireé Guerrero.

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“The Politician” Is a Stunningly Gay Ryan Murphy Roller Coaster

This post originally published by Autostraddle. The Politician reads as if Ryan Murphy looked back on his already incredibly gay body of work and said: You know what I want to do with Netflix’s Scrooge McDuck piles of money? MAKE IT G-A-Y-E-R. This post originally from Autostraddle. and it's respective …

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