Thursday , October 17 2019
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Major survey of transgender Americans reveals pervasive bias, abuse and fear

This post originally published by LGBTQ Nation. The largest-ever survey of transgender Americans paints a grim picture of pervasive discrimination and harassment, to the point that many of them attempt suicide at some point. Released on Thursday by the National Center for Transgender Equality, the survey assesses input received in …

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‘Unerased:’ New database tracks America’s epidemic of transgender murders

This post originally published by LGBTQ Nation. Shutterstock A team of reporters at the millennial-focused news site Mic have compiled “Unerased,” a sorely needed, comprehensive resource to convey the very real danger of being transgender in America. It’s being touted as an “unprecedented” database of trans-related homicides across the U.S., dating …

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‘Ex-Gay’ Programs Could Stage Comeback in the Age of Trump

This post originally published by the In recent years, “ex-gay” ministries and their ostensibly secular counterpart, reparative therapy (a.k.a. conversion therapy), have been widely discredited. The movement’s key leaders have either been the subject of scandal or come out of the closet. This undermined their credibility, because these spokespeople …

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Pope Reiterates Catholic Church's Ban on Gay Priests

This post originally published by the Pope Francis, who once famously said “Who am I to judge?” on the subject of gay priests, has approved a new Vatican document reaffirming that “persons with homosexual tendencies” are barred from Roman Catholic seminaries and the priesthood. The document, called “The Gift …

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How Bad Can Trump’s Administration F**k With LGBT Legal Progress?

This post originally published by Autostraddle. feature image via shutterstock Were it possible to believe anything he said, it might seem reassuring that President-elect Donald Trump promised that marriage equality is settled because it was settled by the Supreme Court. Of course, anyone who has been paying attention is aware …

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85% of gay people are possessed by ghosts according to ‘spiritual research’

This post originally published by LGBTQ Nation. A gaggle of paranormal researchers say they’ve discovered the root cause of homosexuality. It’s not genetic. It’s not the result of childhood trauma, either. It’s ghosts. According to its website, the Spiritual Science Research Foundation is a “world leader in spiritual research.” In a new …

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