Monday , September 23 2019
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Gaygull is an online presence committed to informing lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people of the laws, politics, events, and resources affecting our unique interests, and challenges as American citizens.

Hate crimes rise for second year in a row, FBI says

This post originally published by The Daily Dot. Hate crimes in the United States rose for the second year in a row in 2016, according to new data released by the FBI. The Federal Bureau of Investigation report, published on Monday, shows that 6,121 hate crime incidents occurred in the United States …

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Australian Conservatives Launch ‘Right to Discriminate’ Bill to Override Marriage Equality Legislation

This post originally published by Towleroad. Australian conservatives have launched a “conscientious objection” bill that would allow business owners to deny service to same-sex couples. Ministers and celebrants would also be able to refuse to preside over same-sex weddings if it went against their beliefs. RELATED: The Massive Australian Postal Vote …

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Companies are supporting LGBTQ employees more than ever

This post originally published by The Daily Dot. BY JAMES LOKE HALE The Trump administration has already put active effort into eroding the monumental increases in rights and protections LGBTQ people won while the Obama administration was in power. Department of Justice head Jeff Sessions has taken particular aim at workplace protections, …

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Women and People of Color Are at a Crossroads

This post originally published by the The Astraea Foundation has been fighting for women and people of color for 40 years. Executive director J. Bob Alotta shares the organization’s plans for the next four decades. This post originally from the and it's respective author gaygull staff.

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