Sunday , July 21 2019
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TripAdvisor Zaps ‘Straight Pride Parade’ Organizers with Cease-and-Desist Letter Peppered with Gay Anthems

This post originally published by Towleroad. Earlier this week organizers of Boston’s “Straight Pride Parade” received a cease-and-desist order from Netflix for listing the company as a “prospective sponsor” on their website along with 25 other major corporations, some of which have already rejected the organization’s hateful mission. Netflix concluded its missive …

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Berkeley, California to Rename ‘Manholes’ as ‘Maintenance Holes’ in Effort Toward Nonbinary Gender Inclusivity

This post originally published by Towleroad. Photo by 7 SeTh on Unsplash Berkeley, California will be renaming “manholes” as “maintenance holes” in official city documents in a bid to recognize nonbinary gender inclusivity. In addition fraternities and sororities will be referred to as “Collegiate Greek system residences,” “manpower” will be termed “human effort,” …

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