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About Gaygull

Gaygull is an inclusive resource for the LGBTQ community, founded on the premise that LGBTQ people are as deserving as anyone to enjoy equal rights, considerations, opportunities and benefits consistent with the freedom to own your identity and love whomever one chooses.

Our goal is to organize information specific to LGBTQ communities on one, easily accessible website, to help our readers all across America live fulfilling lives as their true selves.

Together we can share the resources we need to be the thriving individuals that we aspire to be!

Our Mission:

Gaygull is an online presence committed to informing lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people of the laws, politics, events, and resources affecting our unique interests, and challenges as American citizens.

Our motto:

When you want to know about the latest news and events for OUR community…  GAYGULL IT!

Our Tagline:

discover it.  embrace it.  gaygull it!

Publisher’s Note:

Gaygull was inspired by the gaining momentum of the LGBTQ community’s pursuit of legal and social equality in America. While acceptance of our community as equal contributors to the greater society is vital, the uniqueness within our community deserves celebration as well. Now is the time to come together in solidarity to share information relevant to our interests and needs in one powerful online forum.

The goal of is to gather existing online LGBTQ information and organize it in an interesting, easy to use manner. We encourage our community to participate in this information sharing opportunity to bring knowledge, laughter, and options to our LGBTQ brothers and sisters across America.

We want to bring “us” together in support and encouragement of each other to be our best selves. We hope will become your first click to find your way to other fabulous LGBTQ websites that would otherwise be elusive in your searches. We promise to accomplish that goal with respect and dignity. We will protect our followers personal information from email spam, data brokers, and any others who might want to violate your privacy.

Most of all we hope that when you want to know about the latest news and events for OUR community, you will…     Discover it. Embrace it. Gaygull it…  at


Gaygull respects the conscientious limits to the freedom of expression supported by our democracy. Therefore, we do not post material and content intended to offend, insult or discriminate. Our code of ethics implies that we do not condone any posts or comments displaying hate and contempt for others.


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