Tuesday , December 12 2017
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Mastadon 101: A Queer-Friendly Social Network You’re Gonna Like a Lot

This post originally published by Autostraddle. Trolls on Twitter got you down? Tired of Mark Zuckerberg’s Real Name Policy? Thinking of a social network with a heavy queer and trans presence, actually approachable moderators, no ads, considerations for content warnings, and a community-oriented open-source ethos? Mastodon may just be your …

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New Canadian LGBTQI Immigration Guidelines May Actually Make Sense, Help People

This post originally published by Autostraddle. On May 1st, Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board have released new guidelines regarding evaluating refugee claims on the basis of sexual & gender identity and expression. Chairperson’s Guideline 9: Proceedings Before the IRB Involving Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression starts off with …

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